QtScript bindings

Robert Knight robertknight at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 18:35:55 CEST 2009

> smoke based? have you looked into the qscript generator that Kent @ Qt
> has been working on (for a long time now ... i wonder why there isn't more
> news about it by now...)

Please check with Kent whether there has been any change on this but
last I looked
at the binding generator (shortly after he announced the project on
the Qt Labs site)
it produced enormous binding libraries - both in terms of on disk
space and increased
private memory usage.  I think it was on the order of ~19MB non-shared
writable memory per application using
full QtCore and QtGui bindings.

Again, that is a figure from memory which I have not checked with a
recent version of the generator and I'd appreciate it
if someone could verify whether this problem still exists.


2009/9/15 Tommi Mikkonen <tjm at cs.tut.fi>:
> Marco Martin wrote:
>> the api of plasma widget is limited to protect the simple js bindings, in the
>> full ones there could be the access to nativeWidget() i suppose, so they could
>> have the full api of the underlying embedded qwidget
> Doing this would result in an extremely powerful scripting system.
> Based on our experiments, I would think that one could compose
> both simple apps and mashups based on web content (assuming
> that networking and xml processing APIs are also opened). This
> in turn could bring onboard folks that are used to composing
> apps in the web using JavaScript. With Plasma, these apps
> would simply look cooler and be in place instantly without
> any browser frames etc.
> tjm
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