QtScript bindings

Tommi Mikkonen tjm at cs.tut.fi
Mon Sep 14 19:27:31 CEST 2009

Hi Guys,

What I'd personally like to do is to create the same stuff downloadable
at lively.cs.tut.fi/qt inside a plasmoid using plain JavaScript. In
essence everything that runs in a separate window could be a plasmoid,
to the extend that I could create a debugging plasmoid for some other

In the present implementation, we have generated full bindings to Qt
APIs using qtscriptgenerator, and then we use the APIs for composing
mashups etc. This means a considerable extension to Plasmoid JavaScript
interfaces, including stuff like xml processing, networking etc.


Ian Monroe wrote:
> Mark said you were interested in QtScript bindings.
> Do you want bindings of the chunks of the Qt api + Plamsa API? Or just
> a simplified subset of the Plasma API?
> If its the former, we should talk. :) I've started the very beginnings
> of a Smoke-based binding.
> If its the latter, then you really don't need Smoke or binding
> generators, QtScript is pretty easy to make bindings with.
> Ian
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