QCA2 and Remote Widgets

Rob Scheepmaker r.scheepmaker at student.utwente.nl
Sun Sep 6 18:47:05 CEST 2009

On Sunday 06 September 2009 16:49:36 Dario Freddi wrote:
> Hello people,
> we do have a problem! The new remote widgets in plasma are requiring QCA2
> to make things work out. The problem is that by now, QCA2 is an optional
> package for KDELibs, and when it is not found, there are no checks in
> plasma that will prevent things needing QtCrypto (the remotewidgets
> authorizer) from being thrown off the build.

Oops... Somehow I was under the impressioon QCA2 was already a required 

> Rob, is it possible at the moment to compile libplasma without QCA2/Remote
> Widgets? If so, please tell me how so that I can come up with a fix to
> this. Otherwise, we have to get through k-c-d requesting another hard
> dependency for KDELibs

Compiling without Remote Widgets suppor is not yet possible at the moment, but 
I can make sure it won't be required. All QCA related code is only in one 
class: Credentials. I can add some cmake stuff and ifdefs to make sure 
validSignature() always returns false and canSign always returns false in case 
of a missing QCA. This makes sure accessRemoteApplet and publish() always just 
plain fails. I should probably return no remoteApplets in AccessManager as 
well so we don't list zeroconf announced plasmoids in places that do that 
(soon the new widget explorer for example), since you won't be able to connect 
anyways without QCA.
I'm now dealing with some personal stuff, but I'm sure I'll have the time 
tomorrow to fix this, and make QCA2 an optional dependency for libplasma.


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