Tokamak III Wrap Up

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Sun Sep 6 13:58:01 CEST 2009

Hello guys,

In data sabato 05 settembre 2009 14:53:18, Sebastian Kügler ha scritto:
> Dario, I need a policykit screenie. Thanks!

Compiling kdelibs+kdebase just to get you some fresh 4.4 juice :)

> As to reviewing, especially the following is needed:
> - proof-reading by native speaker
> - fact-checks (who did what)
> - spell-checking andn correct attribution of names
> - what else did I forget?

Quoting what all the others have said.

Guys, I just blogged about it now, but I wanted to say it on the list as well. 
I was proud to be in Randa hacking, having fun, discovering nature with you. I 
am really looking forward to the next Tokamak, or the next time we manage to 
catch up one another! You are really great friends in addition to being really 
great hackers, of course ;)

Thank you guys!

> I plan to publish the article on Tuesday and will poke the press a bit to
>  write about it, so please be quick by providing feedback, fresh news is
>  more likely to be re- published by third parties after all -- and we
>  certainly have created interesting stuff to write about.
> Maybe also a personal note to everybody involved: I really enjoyed working
>  with everybody, and to me T3 was serious fun. You rock! Thanks for having
>  me being part of such a great team. I mean it.
> Thanks,


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