activities overview, take N

Chani chanika at
Wed Oct 14 17:17:49 CEST 2009

On October 13, 2009 21:34:11 Matthew Dawson wrote:

> Thinking about the "a-containment-per-virtual-desktop mode", I feel like I
>  use that feature as a substitute for the missing ability of having nepomuk
>  tied activities.  I'd think once you have activities proper this feature
>  will seem (and feel) redundant.  Maybe the better option would be to
>  simply remove the "a-containment-per-virtual-desktop mode" once activities
>  are done?

well, if we do try removing them, this would be the only chance at doing so 
without being burnt to a complete crisp. ;)
shall we try it out when the activity-bar first lands, then? and come back to 
this before the final release to see whether it worked for the per-desktop 

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