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Mon Oct 12 21:52:38 CEST 2009

> Maybe not exactly related to this thread, but still something I'd like to
> mention-
> The concept of virtual desktops and activities being separate is something
> I've seen beginners feel rather confusing. Seeing the word "desktop", it
> gives the impression of desktop=wallpaper+applets and when switching
> desktops doesn't change the applets (and changing activities does), it gets
> confusing. I remember there was some idea of replacing virtual desktops
>  with kind of a "window grouping" concept. It will be great and avoids this
>  confusion. I wonder what happened to the idea ..

at tokamak one of the kwin guys mentioned that windows being associated with 
one and only one desktop was fairly ingrained in the spec and lots of windowy 
I don't have a lot of time on my hands and aaron's enthusiatic about Overview, 
so I'm hoping that we can effectively win window-tagging through activity 
associations, and just let virtual desktops slowly fade...

it also gives me the ability to say "these windows are all part of project 
foo, but I want the code ones on this desktop, the documentation windows on 
that desktop, and designer gets a desktop of its own because it's got too many 
little windows". :) so I have more than my screen resolution's "space" for 
each activity's windows (but not for the plasmoids.. huh)

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