Review Request: WebView Kinetic Scrolling

Kenneth Christiansen kenneth.christiansen at
Sun Oct 4 17:03:56 CEST 2009

> this whas added to achieve scrolling by flicking (even in an animate way, by
> dragging fastly the webview and "launching" it)
> right now is done by a private class (right now with timers, will be ported to
> kinetic) that sets the scrollvalue properties to achieve that.
> seems a sane approach?

So you need separate methods for each orientation? That might not be
very efficient as it will result in two different scrolls. I'm also
asking because I believe we have a scroll(int dx, int dy) method
somewhere (probably QWebFrame)

> also this behaiur would make sense at lower levels in qt or perhaps is better
> that gets implemented by users of qgraphicswebwiew?

It is a graphicsitem after all, so it will actually have a scroll
method already that takes a dx, dy and an area (defaults to the
boundingRect). Could you use this instead?

> as for make plasma::webview use qgraphicswebwiew:
> -keep both, separate implementations (uugly :)
> -webview subclassesqgraphicswebwiew (aaah, bic)
> -webview is an empty qgraphicswidget that contains nothing but a

> qgraphicswebwiew: i think despite ugly it's the only feasible option?

I guess so, unfortunately.

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