New idea for plasmoid locking and floating plasmoids.

Hugo Pereira Da Costa hugo at
Sat Nov 21 19:43:24 CET 2009

Or could there be way to move plasmoids on "Alt+mouse-left-button", 
resize on "Alt+mouse-right-button" disregarding lock-state ? Just like 
for kwin does for frameless windows ?
Just asking ...


>> I've a little proposal for the plasmoid locking on the desktop.
>> Here is the problem:
>> I often stumble over the same usability problem.
>> Normally I have my plasmoids locked, because I don't like it when this
>>   "edit- bar" (don't know the name) appears when the mouse is hovering over
>>   a plasmoid. But then I want to add a new plasmoid. To do that I've first
>>   to unlock the desktop, add the new plasmoid, move it to the correct
>>   location, and lock the desktop again. That could be easier.
>> Here is my proposal:
>> It would be nice if adding plasmoids would be possible even if the desktop
>>   is locked. After dropping a new plasmoid it should be in a kind of
>>   "floating" state (like when pasting in GIMP). This state allows to move
>>   this single plasmoid around on the locked desktop. When finishing moving,
>>   e.g. by clicking somewhere else on the desktop, the plasmoid should loose
>>   this "floating" state and is locked on the desktop at the current position
>>   like all other plasmoids. The "floating" state could be highlighted with
>>   some "glowing border" or shadow to show that it is "floating".
>> What do you thinnk about this idea?
>> Is it possible to implement something like that?
>> regards,
>> Gerhard
> I would not mind this at all! Locking to avoid inadvertent changes is good.
> This idea would be a nice functionality for plasma.
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