Firefox Bookmark runner

Marco Martin notmart at
Mon Nov 2 10:24:05 CET 2009

On Sunday 01 November 2009, Jan Gerrit Marker wrote:
> Hello,
> today I moved a runner called "Firefox Bookmarks" to playground. This
>  runner allows you to search through the bookmarks of the default Firefox
>  profile. In order to get enough time to add it to KDE 4.4 I want to add it
>  to the feature plan.
> Is the runner ok?
> Is it ok, if I add it to the feature plan (or maybe someone adds it for me,
> because I haven't got a techbase account, yet?)?
hmm, not sure if having something installed by default specific for firefox 
would be a soo good idea, what would be cool is having a single bookmark 
runner that would search in firefox if it's the default browser otherwise in 
konqueror as usual.
would it have a too convoluted logic?

Marco Martin

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