My SoK project - Plasma D-Bus API

Ivan Čukić ivan.cukic at
Tue May 26 19:37:20 CEST 2009

> >   - activities
> >      - current activity set/get/signal
> what would the signal be for?
For example, a user wanted me to make Lancelot's Favourites (could also be 
applied to Raptor and Kickoff and ...) dependent on the current activity which 
is (IMHO) an awesome idea. The same goes for the places in the file 

> i don't think the signals are necessary, but the rest if good, yes.

> >   - data engines access?
> this probably doesn't belong with the plasma-desktop dbus stuff (as that
> would incur a runtime dependency on plasma-desktop for apps, so isn't

Also agree, especially since data-engines can be loaded in separate 

> overly useful), but running dataengines OOP as a general thing would be an
> interesting project indeed. one would hope it would make the UI a little
> snappier in some cases, though it certainly would mean more CPU usage and
> memory usage due to having two processes and some IPC traffic.
That's true, though it would be a completely different project.


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