Plamsa::PopupApplet and modal dialogs

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Sun May 24 08:21:03 CEST 2009

On Friday 22 May 2009, Chani wrote:
> On May 20, 2009 16:48:01 Amos Kariuki wrote:
> > Have a question regarding the Plasma::PopupApplet behavior after it
> > displays a modal dialog.  In the current implementation, when a modal
> > dialog is opened from the Popup applet, the applet automatically gets
> > hidden in the background while the modal dialog is still open.  I was
> > thinking the behavior should be that the Popup applet should always
> > remain visible if a child modal dialog is displayed.  Is this a
> > reasonable default behavior or is it not advisable to display modal
> > dialogs from popup-applets?
> I don't know the details of why it's hidden... but modal dialogs are evil.
> modal dialogs are ten times *more* evil in plasma. modal means you can't
> interact with any part of plasma - that includes things like the taskbar.

exactly; the dialog should either be non-model or even just ditched all 
together and integrated into the interface of the popup itself.

sebas mentions the netwok manager, and that's a great example for this imho: 
i'd much rather have the password request appear within the interface i'm 
already using (The network manager) than get a popup somewhere randomly on my 
desktop; this has the nice effect of not only allowing my attention to remain 
in place (on the network manager itself) but lets me change my attention to 
another area on the screen (e.g. if some other app starts requesting my 
attention) while keeping it clear where i should return when i'm done (back to 
the network manager, of course!)

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