battery plasmoid and remaining time..

Chani chanika at
Tue May 19 04:03:45 CEST 2009

> nope, that's crap. if *you* don't see a huge difference between idle
> processor and a movie playing/compile/gamin then it's your hardware that's
> shite.

ok, I guess you're right about that ;) this laptop *is* standard mass-produced 
crap, and it does kinda suck.

> > > of course that's also what "2 hours left" can mean.
> >
> > if that's true then your hardware *sucks*
> nope, as noted above it's your hardware that sucks if that's not the case.
> an idle 13" laptop with no usb pollin devices should be takin about
> 10Watts. lowerin the screen brightness to maximum will win you a few watts
> as well. playin a full screen movie, compilin, playin a game, etc it will
> likely jump to 20Watts+. if you don't see that then your acpi setup is
> busted. so we're talkin about hours of difference (especially for people
> with larger batteries).
> as to the rest, it's about feelings, which honestly is a shite discussion
> to have in a context of a development list. my point is "it's wrong to have
> a computer guess/lie", yours is "but it's nice!", which is a discussion no
> one can win. as i said in my last email "if we only had like, i don't know,
> a 'usability team' to look at those issues!".

a little off-topic, but I think one of the big limitations of computers is 
their inability to guess. guessing can be a useful skill. :)
although kde does make guesses about what I want sometimes.. I mean, krunner 
is all about that... ok, I'm wandering *way* off topic now :)

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