Python plasmoid configuration

Ontje Lünsdorf The_COM at
Thu May 14 21:56:27 CEST 2009


thanks Aaron, configuration is now working :)

My plasmoid is called TestFest and it's a DataEngine which monitors a 
sourcecode directory for file changes and reruns a testsuite (currently only 
python testsuite) upon a change. According to the success/fail ratio the 
applet will show a picture. I'm using the avatar from doom to indicate the 
status of the testsuite. For the record: this idea isn't new, there's 
something similar for gnome and ruby I've heard.

As each applet can be configured for a different directory I need to communicate 
that information to the dataengine. Currently I'm encoding this in the 
sourceName. This encoding might get extensive as I'd also like to support 
other testsuites (like ctest or junit). For example "<testsuite-runner>:<cwd 
of testsuite>:<testsuite filename>" as source name. Is there another way of 
configuring the dataengines?


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