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On Tuesday 05 May 2009, Ontje Lünsdorf wrote:
> Hi all,
> first of all: Hooray for the plasma desktop! This is great and neat stuff.
> I really enjoyed hacking on this so far.
> I am writing a Python plasmoid just for fun and want to integrate a
> configuration dialog. I'm a bit confused which is the correct way to go.
> There is the configScheme() method which seems to be part of the KConfigXT
> framework and the createConfigurationInterface() method, which can be used
> to populate the dialog manually.
> I haven't (yet) found any information on how to use the KConfigXT framework
> with Python, so I assume I need to use the createConfigurationInterface()
> method?

if you provide a KConfigXT xml file and a designer .ui file in your package, 
you get one made for you "for free". there's an article on techbase about 
KConfigXT and using it with designer files:

you don't need the kcfgc file, any build system stuff or to create the 
KConfigDialog yourself.

the kcfg file goes into contents/config/main.xml and the ui file goes into 

> I'd appreciate any pointers on how to implement the configuration dialog.

you create your configuration widget, and then add it to the dialog that gets 
passed in with addPage.

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