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On Thursday 14 May 2009, Sebastian Kügler wrote:
> On Thursday 14 May 2009 11:20:55 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > On Thursday 14 May 2009, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > > it is not an absolute number, it's a made up number. it's a guess. you
> > > call
> >
> > on my way to bed i remembered one further point: on handheld devices this
> > "time left" number would be a total joke.
> >
> > both my cell phone and n810 can last days if i let them sit, at least a
> > day if i use it for things like SMS or email.... but as soon i start a
> > voice call on the phone or a skype call on the n810 it's a whole
> > different story.
> If you're running the standard software on the N810, you'll notice that it
> reports two times: "Time left when idle" and "Time left when in use", the
> latter is what we're doing as well.

it's an interesting approach: min/max based on power draw at idle and full 
use. not sure we can get that sort of set of numbers (with accuracy?) on a 
laptop. even then it's once again "numbers i have to do my own calculation on" 
and having 3 hours when idle and 20 minutes when in use seems to be still a 
pretty big spread.

> > just as with the %, i would need to interpolate based on what i'm doing
> > what that "Time left" number means.
> Though in the N810 case, one could probably have a worst case (You know how
> much power the device can draw at max.)

yes ..

> Maybe this worst case scenario is something we could use as well?

probably a lot harder with a laptop .. :/

> > these devices go into very deep sleep states that just sip at the power,
> > but start drawing more or less power depending on the use case. and with
> > those devices, that can change from minute to minute.
> I'm absolutely aware of that. It's not the first time I touch power
> management. :)
> > so i suspect that the first thing we'd end up doing with the battery
> > plasmoid on such devices is have a laugh as we watched the number wobble
> > all over and then remove this feature.
> Actually, no. I'm suspending my notebook all the time, and have never


<obviousguy>when your machine is suspended, you can't see these numbers 
anyways and the user tends to count it as "kind of off anyways"</obviousguy>

i don't see how this is relevant to the conversation at hand.

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