battery plasmoid and remaining time..

Casper Clemence maninalift at
Thu May 14 12:10:29 CEST 2009

There are two questions

1) what is the most useful (or conversely, misleading) information for the user
2) what is pleasant/pretty for the user

My experience is that non-tech-savvy users tend to consider inaccurate
predictions to be simply "wrong". This means that they are (1) not
useful and (2) ugly because they make the desktop look broken.

Given a percentage charge left it is quite natural to realise that
that charge may be used up at a different speed depending on what the
computer is used for. Giving a predicted time only serves to add
another layer: (a) understand why then computer "thinks" I have 20m of
battery left (b) work out whether that should be adjusted based on
what I'm actually doing. For this reason "intelligent" measures of
time left are probably more annoying than dumb ones (at least dumb
ones are consistent).

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