JS Scriptengine in libplasma

Andreas Stricker astricker at futurelab.ch
Thu May 7 08:39:43 CEST 2009


>>> it would probably belong in runtime, actually.
>>> kdebase/runtime/plasma/javascript?

Yes, I'll appreciate this. This allows applications with
Applet containers without the need for workspace.

Plasma is a great Widget framework not stricly bound to be
only usable for desktop environments...

>> Makes sense to me. Although technically we no longer depend on
>> kdebase/runtime (we just required oxygen which moved to kdesupport).
> technically, all kde apps depend on kdebase-runtime. :)

Yes because most of the applets, containments, shells, etc there
depend on resources from kdebase-runtime.
Only the script engines there are more independed and may be
moved further down?

Regards, Andy

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