Systray jobs

Rob Scheepmaker r.scheepmaker at
Wed May 6 18:44:38 CEST 2009

On Tuesday 05 May 2009 18:57:49 Dario Freddi wrote:
> There is not a DBus interface exportable, however for 4.4 it would be nice
> if we could remove that code from PowerDevil and put it somewhere else
> (ideas, anyone?)
> Rob, feel free to contact me for more clarification on this. I really think
> you should use XSync over XScreensaver.

Currently, I use XScreensaverQueryInfo to obtain the idle time, something that 
rsibreak uses too, but I totally agree that for 4.4 it would be very useful to 
have some class in kdelibs (or some addition to a class already there, I'm not 
very sure where this would belong) to do exactly this. There seem to be quite 
some applications that need this information and this should also work on 
systems that don't use X11.


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