Transparent themes without composition

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Sun May 3 20:37:51 CEST 2009

On Sunday 03 May 2009, David Nolden wrote:
> @Aaron: I know the real part of this discussion is long over for a long
> time. Now I just have to defend against all those who are telling to me
> that the problem I'm having does not exist.

nobody's saying that. what they are saying is that your proposed solution is 
not appropriate.

> But for now I have one important recommendation: Do not allow using
> transparent themes without composition. When composition is disabled and
> the theme does not have an opaque version, switch to another theme that is
> opaque.
> Right now, transparent themes without composition make plasma look just
> broken.

hm. see, i suggested a way to make this better. you did a bunch of work that 
could have been used to do that. yet you didn't. you instead decided to go off 
and do your own things despite being told _in advance_ that it would be 
accepted. you then went and committed those changes anyways, twice. this would 
all be made much simpler and everyone would be at least bit happier with the 
non-opaque svg's being given a background colour when there is no compositing.

can we get back to actually improving things in ways we can all agree on 
instead of this useless bikeshedding? it takes a small amount of cooperation, 
but then we all win.

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