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Sun May 3 19:47:33 CEST 2009

On Friday 01 May 2009, Oszkar Ambrus wrote:
> >> I'd like to read a custom property of a Plasma::Applet defined in the
> >> .desktop file.
> >> I've seen that the Applet class has functions for standard properties
> >> (like name, icon, etc. that are a subset of KPluginInfo functions).
> >>
> >> Can I read for example the X-KDE-Library entry, which is not of
> >> KPluginInfo type?
> >
> > that isn't supported in the Plasma::Applet API, no. what are you trying
> > to do? (maybe there's some other way :)
> I have several plugins (and thus .desktop files) that have the same
> library which loads them baseds on their name (using some RDF from
> Nepomuk). I also have other different plugins belonging to different
> libaries.
> I would like to identify the libraries of the corresponding plugins (the
> library belonging to the plugin is defined in the .desktop file using
> the X-KDE-Library property). I hoped there was a way to see what library
> did the plugin belong to.

you can do your own KServiceTypeTrader queries, but perhaps you could take a 
completely different approach? perhaps use x-KDE-PluginInfo-Category to tell 
them apart? would that work?

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