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Sun May 3 09:43:42 CEST 2009

On 5/2/09, Celeste Lyn Paul <celeste at> wrote:
>  Some of you may or may not remember that I've also been working on
>  interruptions and notifications; however as part of a uni project rather than
>  for an open source project.
>  Part of the project is for designing an empirical experiment to explore
>  different features in notifications. I would like to look at features which KDE
>  would find useful to make the study more valuable.
like putting some users in front of different systems and see the
reactions? or a more theoretical thing?
>  What types of questions do you regarding notifications? I've seen some
>  questions regarding the amount of time a message should be displayed, how long
>  a message history should last, etc.
yeah, interesting questions indeed, also interesting is how much
screen size they can take up before becoming annoying
also what is the better way tp display the history? alongside fresh
notifications? in another interface?
>  I'm also thinking about looking at ways we can mediate notifications, that is,
>  instead of immediately displaying a notification, assess the user and the
>  environment and decide if it would be better to postpone the notification for a
>  short time. (For example, if a user currently has a context or window menu
>  open, postpone the notification until the menu is closed or until n seconds)
good idea, even if i don't have a clear idea how to do it technically
one could push it as far as delaying the notification until there is a
second without input from the user (or some amount of time passed)
this suggests also dividing notifications by severity or category:
changes the delay poicy or even how they are displayed
>  Comments? Feature ideas?
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