Transparent themes without composition

David Nolden zwabel at
Sun May 3 01:32:28 CEST 2009

Am Sonntag 03 Mai 2009 00:20:13 schrieb Martin Gräßlin:
> I very much doubt that any Linux distribution including KDE 4.3 will not
> provide at least XRender compositing with *any* hardware. If you own such a
> hardware you should report a bug report to X developers requesting support.
Intel GMA 955, any kind of composition is completely unusable on that 
hardware, even though the drivers are said to be the best. The hardware is 
simply not powerful enough to composite a whole desktop. Also I don't have any 
interest in discussing this issue.
> > To all the others: To me this problem is also about this simple question:
> > What price do I have to pay to get a well-looking desktop?
> > Do I need full composition support?
> > ---> NO
> > And that is why you should not require it just to deliver that.
> Fake translucency is just ugly. I'm really glad it's not available any
> longer in KDE 4.
Nice for you. Maybe you should read the thread again though, since I have 
never talked about fake transparency here.
> > Composition is required to do nice across-window translucency effects,
> > animations, etc., but not in order to make it look well.
> Well it does. It's the only way to have ARGB visuals. And without ARGB no
> translucency, no round borders, no blending, etc. etc.
Great, but I still have to see a plasma theme where the rounded borders with 
anti-aliasing make a really significant difference. From an aesthetical point 
of view, it looks good even without that.

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