Transparent themes without composition

David Nolden zwabel at
Sun May 3 01:08:31 CEST 2009

Am Samstag 02 Mai 2009 17:37:00 schrieb Marco Martin:
> > Composition is simply not an option. And for some users, it never will.
> if it never will, linux desktop has simply blatantly failed, because it
> means it reached the maximum it can do nd no further evolution is possible,
> so in the next years it will be left behind by operating systems unaffected
> by those silly problems.
It says _some_ users: Consider an operating system that doesn't have the 
required hardware vendor support, old hardware, bad drivers, or simply 
hardware that is not capable of doing the thing (KDE might be used on 
something else than mainstream desktop computers in future). All of these will 
be at least a part of the reality for a long time.

To all the others: To me this problem is also about this simple question: What 
price do I have to pay to get a well-looking desktop?
Do I need full composition support?
---> NO
And that is why you should not require it just to deliver that.

Composition is required to do nice across-window translucency effects, 
animations, etc., but not in order to make it look well.

You can push composition, but not with the "looks". As a technically versed 
user, I simply cannot stand you guys telling me that I have to pay a price for 
it that is _much_ higher than it should be. To me, a technical solution that 
demands much more than required to deliver the goal is simply not a good one.

Anyway I'm giving up on this issue, enough time wasted.

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