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Chani chanika at
Fri May 1 20:37:48 CEST 2009

On May 1, 2009 09:40:00 Rob Scheepmaker wrote:
> Hello all,
> I would like in discuss what things should still be improved to the way
> jobs are handled in the systemtray before the freeze. These are some of the
> things I noticed or are often requested:
> * Auto hiding after the dialog with jobs and notifications get's
> automatically shown because one get's added. Currently this is hardcoded to
> 6 seconds, but there are quite some requests for having no auto hiding at
> all. I do  very much prefer autohiding, since you can continue working
> without having to close the popup manually when you start a longer running
> job. However, some people prefer no autohiding because they have their
> systray on a second monitor for example, so it doesn't really block their
> workflow. I therefore suggest adding a config option to the systray, to
> configure the autohiding time.

hrrm. you say some prefer no-autohide, then suggest a way to configure the 
autohide *time*. can we just offer an autohide checkbox and hardcode the time 
to something reasonable? (6 seconds seems ok so far)

> * I don't like having to clear the list of completed downloads whenever I
> want a clean systray, and I think having the completed job extenderitems
> automatically destroyed after a certain time could make sense. However,
> what would be a sensible timelimit? 5 minutes? and hour? a day? I would
> also hate if it would require an extra config option. This is the issue I'm
> most uncertain of.

yes, this has been driving me nuts the past day or so. every time something 
decides to add a job (I think kmail did it last time) I get this big busy list 
covering a huge chunk of my screen, and I'm not sure where I can safely click 
to make it go away (the "clear all" is a comparitively small target and I 
didn't see it at all until this morning)
several of the notifictions are little bits of crud from apps downloading stuff 
for themselves, which shouldn't have been there in the first place.

we're supposed to have some kind of logging facility, right? ideally I'd 
expect that notifications that stopped doing anything more than 5 minutes ago 
would get sent away somewhere so that I'd have to explicitly click some sort 
of "history" button or something to show them. I might not want them 
permanently deleted (until they start eating disk space) but I want them out 
of my way.

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