Systray jobs

Rob Scheepmaker r.scheepmaker at
Fri May 1 18:40:00 CEST 2009

Hello all,

I would like in discuss what things should still be improved to the way jobs 
are handled in the systemtray before the freeze. These are some of the things 
I noticed or are often requested:

* Auto hiding after the dialog with jobs and notifications get's automatically 
shown because one get's added. Currently this is hardcoded to 6 seconds, but 
there are quite some requests for having no auto hiding at all. I do  very 
much prefer autohiding, since you can continue working without having to close 
the popup manually when you start a longer running job. However, some people 
prefer no autohiding because they have their systray on a second monitor for 
example, so it doesn't really block their workflow. I therefore suggest adding 
a config option to the systray, to configure the autohiding time.

* I don't like having to clear the list of completed downloads whenever I want 
a clean systray, and I think having the completed job extenderitems 
automatically destroyed after a certain time could make sense. However, what 
would be a sensible timelimit? 5 minutes? and hour? a day? I would also hate 
if it would require an extra config option. This is the issue I'm most 
uncertain of.

* Currently we just look at the second label, check if that's a filename (all 
kio jobs have destination as second label, if there is a destination), and use 
that to provide the possibility of opening the completed file. To do this 
properly so an action can be provided for every kjob, this possibility needs 
to be added to kjob/jobview dbus interface, but I think that's more something 
for 4.4. Anyway, this approach has the following problems:

** when copying multiple files, you will only be able to open the file last 
copied. Possible solution here would be to check if there amount of files 
copied is bigger then 1, and provide opening the destination folder instead of 
the file in that case.

** I don't like the labels in the completed job's widget. Something like 
"Dolphin finished copying 5 files" as message would be prettier, but that 
would also be something that has to be added to kjob/jobview. (I'm not really 
sure infomessage is really meant for that)

These are the main issues I encountered. Please try the systray from trunk 
some time and give your feedback on these issues or provide your own points.


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