[RFC] kimpanel applet in kdereview

Wang Hoi zealot.hoi at gmail.com
Fri May 1 16:17:41 CEST 2009

I've moved kimpanel applet into kdereview serveral weeks ago, now i'd
like to ask for review.

It's under kdereview/plasma/applets/kimpanel

"kimpanel" is short for "KDE Input method panel (applet)", it contains
a plasma applet and also a standalone app (for users which don't use

It's main features.

1. Support serveral backends: scim, ibus, fcitx, communicate with
backend through dbus
2. Plasma themed.
3. Able to collapsed into the panel as usual applet, and also able to
expand out to a small dialog

kimpanel itself works just fine and stable

For install instructions,  see kimpanel/README,
kimpanel/backend/ibus/README, kimpanel/backend/scim/README

Known issues:
1. A bit complex to install(deploy), because how to set an input
method is not standardlized,
the current input method is readed from shell environment variable
(GTK_IM_MODULE, QT_IM_MODULE), users can put it any where (.bashrc ,
so i can't provide a portable way to automatically select the backend,
i assume it's distro's job to provide a setup script.
2. fcitx backend is not very stable.
3. You can't use mouse hover and click to choose a candidate word with
ibus backend.
4. If you use scim-bridge (not scim), enable/disable input method in
scim's config dialog will hang Qt app, this is due to a bug in
scim-bridge's qt input method plugin, the original gtk panel also hang
that app.

OK, that's all, sorry for annoncing it so late, until somebody told me
that people need to be poked to review the code, they don't
automatically review code under kdereview :(


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