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On Thursday 30 April 2009, David Nolden wrote:
> SVN commit 961915 by zwabel:
> - Allow painting a background color, or a background pattern behind freely
> floating elements of the theme, to provide a better fallback mechanism for
> transparent themes when composition is not available. The color/pattern is

please revert this commit. (or i will.)

the added API to libplasma is neither wanted nor needed. i don't know how many 
times i need to say it, or in how many different ways, but while a color is 

* patterns are not
* dummy wallpaers are not
* it will not be added to any configuration UI as this is a highly specific 
visual tweak and if we add every single one of those in versus, you know, 
doing it _right_ we'll end up with a god awful mess

all that's really required is a colour entry in theme config file that goes 
well with the panel svg... no config, no new API, no complexity.

if you want anything more complex, write a panel containment that does it. i'm 
not interested in polluting libplasma with it, however.

and i'm really unimpressed with how this boils down to an attempt to shove 
though the "fake translucent panels" feature you want which has been 
explicitly rejected.

and none of this is news ... it was discussed on the mailing list, on 
reviewboard, etc.

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