GSOC 2009: Kdm frontend using plasma

Maxim Kukushkin maxim.kukushkin at
Thu Mar 19 21:42:15 CET 2009


I've noticed the project called "Kdm frontend using plasma" while looking
though GSOC 2009 projects list. I'm interested in KDE4 and it's widgets and
would be happy to participate in this project. Imho, it's useful to have
friendly KDM as it doesn't look good enough in many distributives.
Implementation of this screen by means of Plasma could make it more
presentable and add more integration with KDE4.

I have 4 year experience in C++ and have used Linux for 4 years, too. I have
work experience in large geographically distributed team (Intel MKL) and I
would be happy to participate in rewriting Kdm using plasma and get
experience in this field.

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