Summer of Code - Plasma Telepathy Integration

Ronny Yabar Aizcorbe ronnycontacto at
Tue Mar 17 11:01:29 CET 2009

Hi Plasma Team. I am Computer Science student from Peru and  I'm passionate
about the Free and Open Source Software. I participated in Summer of Code
2008 for the Security Foundation and this Gsoc 2009 want  to join the
amazing KDE Community.

I am particularly interested in Telepathy integration for Plasma, because I
am getting familiar with these technologies and understand much better the
concepts. I followed some recommendations George Goldberg (grundleborg) sent
me. Telepathy looks challenging, but I was really interesting, funny start
learning and reading about it.

At first, I am going to start writing a plasmoid for presence management, be
able to interact with the mission control and connection managers. I tried
the applet and dataengine for presence that exist, but they are still in
development and do basic things.

In this summer,I want to improve considerably that work and implement the
things you really need for this project. Looking PDFs from FOSS conferences,
I see that telepathy work with these twelve things: Contact List, Chat,
Logging, File Transfer, Voice Call, Avatars, AIM, MSN, XMPP, SIP, ICQ, IRC.

Which ones are the most important to you?. Please, I would like to receive
your feedback to improve this proposal and contribute to your objectives.


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