[IDEA] Google Summer of Code - plasmoid mixer with phonon lib

Michael Rudolph michael.rudolph at gmail.com
Sat Mar 14 23:46:38 CET 2009

2009/3/13 Aaron J. Seigo:
> but i wouldn't ever even DARE try and do the sensible thing here and turn kmix
> into a plasmoid that runs in a window that we can then also use on the desktop
> because i fear, and and i think rightfully so, that people like you would just
> block any such effort while shouting about how plasma is trying to take over
> kde (whatever that means).

Hello everyone,

I find it interesting, that you say that, Aaron. Or rather: it's about
time, that these social or political issues get addressed. I don't see
KDE as being in a very healthy state right now; quite the opposite
actually. And the reason, in my point of view, is exactly the issue
you name.

I'd rather not go into what is wrong so much, or better yet, who is to
blame. But talk about what we can do, today, to bring forward positive
change in that matter.

Basically we need to agree on and then communicate a common vision of
where KDE is headed.  We are lacking that. This vision could originate
from inside the plasma project, but eventually will need to be
discussed outside, too.

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