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Thu Mar 5 14:13:46 CET 2009

On Thursday 05 March 2009, Mario Fux wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 19. Februar 2009 schrieb Mario Fux:
> Good morning once again
> So dear Plasma devs. What can I do to motivate you to fill in this date
> finding thingy:
> > [1]
/me put ok to all days because i really can't say much about those dates.. i 
have no idea on any of them, since my life in next months is a big ?
probably in august will be a bit easier, but i can only say i will do anything 
i can to be here at any date
as soon as i know something more sure will update

Marco Martin 

> Current state is a preference for the days Wednesday, September 26 to
> Monday, September 31.
> Aaron seems to prefer September. I offer the weeks from middle August to
> the middle of September.
> Five persons (including me) already showed their preference: Davide Bettio,
> Alessandro Diaferia, Luca Gugelmann and MoRpHeUz. So could people as 
> Annma, Sebastian Kuegler, Celeste, Riccardo, Chani and especially the once
> I forgot please fill in the form?
> And what about the people from Kwin. As I heard it would be good to have
> some of them onboard as well.
> I don't wanna annoy or rush you but just like to fix a date to begin with
> the organisation of beds, hardware, food, etc.
> Thx and greets from cloudy Zurich
> Mario
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