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Wed Jul 22 02:05:14 CEST 2009

r her to<br>
pay any amount of the air tickets, so we would need 100% sponsorship for he=
r if<br>
she is available. Unfortunately, I also can&#39;t afford more than 20% of t=
he price<br>
of the ticket and that increases a little bit the cost of the whole thing<b=
(making some &quot;head-math&quot; I would say that from 3015 EUR we would =
go to ~ 4115<br>
EUR just for air tickets to have both students there).</blockquote><div><br=
>So to be clear, it would be ~1200 EUR (~600EUR/person) more to get more pe=
ople? <br><br>In total<br>~4115 EUR travel<br>~1890 EUR lodging (9 days * 1=
4 people * 15 EUR)<br>
~6005 EUR total for 14 people to attend tokamak<br><br>^ is this correct?<b=
r></div></div><br clear=3D"all"><br>-- <br>Celeste Lyn Paul<br>KDE e.V. Boa=
rd Member<br>KDE Usability Project<br><a href=3D"">www.kd=</a><br>


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