Updated plasma themes

Jamboarder jamboarder at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 5 20:29:49 CET 2009

> From: Aaron J. Seigo <aseigo at kde.org>
> > the icon in the extender dragger
> > gets HUGE for some theme changes,
> perhaps due to resize()ing the svg in
> FrameSvgPrivate::updateSizes? this would 
> happen if the edges are also SVG elements (and therefore
> scalable) and LARGE 
> inside the fie. which theme(s) exhibit this behaviour?

The behaviour appears to be affected by size of the svg document not the element size.  Which means the effect depends on which theme you start out with:
* Starting out with Oxygen, Clean Blend or Slim Glow, changing to any other theme works fine.
* Starting out with Aya, changing to any other theme except Silicon exhibits the behavior to varying degree (from large to HUGE)
* Starting out with Silicon, changing to any other theme except Aya exhibits the behavior to varying degree (from large to HUGE)

In all cases, a restart after the theme change makes everything look fine.

I altered the document size, then the element size, then both for the extender-dragger of the Aya theme and tested for each case.  The closer the document size is to the extender-dragger of theme being changed to, the less the problem.  I see the use of renderer->defaultSize() in Plasma::Svg which the QT Docs say is default size of the document contents.  I'm not sure I understand exactly how or why it's used enough to attempt a fix.

I wonder if this is the same problem that causes the clock hands to get big when changing between themes.

Hope this helps,

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