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I dont know how many rules you added to the brain now but to have a decent
coverage you would need _lots_ of them, else the brain would give funny
answers most of the times. What can be really cool would be extracting rules
with simple facts from KDE docs. Else I really doubt apps maintainers will
spend time writing trivial AIML rules for dubious user cases.

And of course we have the problem of the 50+ languages you should be
targeting ...

So I dont think you need to rush, looks like it will be in playground for a
loooong time.

2009/2/18 Drake Justice <hallowname at>

> Hello plasma-devel, my name is Drake Justice (hallowname) and this is my
> first post. My plasmoid is OpenBrain the desktop assistant. It's basically
> an AIML bot (think chat bot, alice bot, artificial intelligence) that parses
> XML (.aiml) files, and can then respond to english input. It now has a
> dependency called libopenbrain, which is a shortened, rewrite of librebecca,
> which hasn't been coded on in years (and was written in vc++ and didn't
> compile properly under linux). My question is: where should libopenbrain go?
> inside base/plasma/applets/openbrain ? other apps can utilize libopenbrain
> to have their program instantly speak english, with little to no knowledge
> of aiml parsing. i want to distribute the 'brain' itself with the
> 'openbrain' plasmoid regardless of the location of libopenbrain. so
> libopenbrain alone would require the implementing app to provide it's own
> 'brain data'. so openbrain would respond to 'who is lancelot?' with (if
> online) a wikipedia article on lancelot, meanwhile the lancelot app runner
> (which will get openbrain features) would answer something like 'lancelot is
> this plasmoid, it runs programs, and has easy to locate links to your
> computer.'
> but basically, where should libopenbrain go?
> also libopenbrain still has std, boost, and xerces includes, they will be
> converted to qt when i get time.
>  it uses berkdb43 now to instantly load all the brain data (no more waiting
> 30-60 seconds for it to load). i didn't really see a better way to do this w
> qt. tips?
> sorry for the long post. and that openbrain is broken on playground. but i
> dont know where to put libopenbrain u see. compiling the tarballs from
> should work though if you want to see it in action.
> thanks in advance,
> Drake Justice
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