Unprofessional text in plasmoids for download

Dotan Cohen kde-3 at dotancohen.com
Mon Apr 27 21:59:06 CEST 2009

I reported a KDE bug regarding the summary text of kde-look plasmoids 
that are appearing in the Add Plasmoids dialogue. Here is the bug:

The lead Plasma dev suggested that I write to this address with details 
about which plasmoids have bad grammar, immature, or other undesirable text.

Magic Folder: A Plasmoid someone asked for
Not only is this incorrect grammar (missing "that"), it does not 
describe what the plasmoid does.

Kulo: This is my first plasmoid, written in python, using...
There is no description of what the plasmoid does. Nor does the user 
care if this is the dev's first of five hundredth plasmoid.

T-arduino: This is a simple plasmoid written in python. It read...
Again, no description of what the plasmoid does. What does the user care 
what language it is written in?

QuickUrl: This very simple plasmoid offers the possibility to a...
No description of what the plasmoid does, but at least the name gives a 
hint. I suppose if the introductory text were longer the author would 
have gotten around to mentioning what his creation does.

Tarmoid: Tarmoid
No description of what the plasmoid does.

There are many more examples, but I would like to point out that stating 
that a plasmoid is "simple" or "a plasmoid" is redundant when there is 
so little space to make use of. Please have someone proofread the 
descriptions, correct errors, and ensure that the description is concise 
enough to describe the plasmoid in the space allocated for it.



Dotan Cohen


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