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On Saturday 04 April 2009, Emdek wrote:
> On Saturday 04 April 2009 20:07:18 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> >> In my applet there are launcher together with tasks and
> >> for consistency I'm displaying previews of files (for example if there
> >> is
> >> entry for image or video etc.) and it looks nice only when it is shown
> >> in
> >> the same way like windows live previews (this could be maybe solved by
> >> adding kind of method that adds file preview or set image as preview
> >> that
> >> looks like current window preview, with frame).
> >
> > this could be added to the API of ToolTipContent quite easily.
> This would be useful but I think that there should be only possibility to
> set QPixmap


> >> I'm using also middle click
> >> on preview to close or left to raise it or iconify.
> >
> > so hiding tips needs to take hover of tip itself into account (easy to
> > do :)
> > and we need some clicked(ToolTipContent) signals
> Yes, this would be useful, especially if there would be QPoint with
> location of click event on screen.

do we need a point, or just what was actually activiated? (e.g. which link or 
which action)

> >> or we don't use KWin
> >
> > this just needs to be pushed into the netwm spec and standardized for
> > usage by
> > others
> This would be great.
> Currently also Compiz tries to add them, so with upstream solution this
> could be much cleaner.

ok, so we need to talk to these various projects. maybe i could blog about it.

> > nothing you've said above requires the ability to put random widgets
> > into the
> > tooltips though, so i think we're good. we just need to work some
> > patches out
> > for the current tip.
> >
> > interested in trying to get some patches put together? :)
> Yes, of course I'm interested (especially because I want to use it ;-)) but
> there is again problem with lack of compiled trunk on my machine...

you should be able to just get kdelibs and just build kdelibs/plasma?

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