Introducing myself (and maybe the team as well)

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Wed Sep 3 03:16:26 CEST 2008

Hi Marcelo,

Welcome to Plasma :)

On Wednesday 27 August 2008 20:35:39 marcelo oliveira wrote:
> Arthur then told me that you guys are moving towards a shell to the N810 /
> IT or better any Mobile internet device out there (this is great) and I
> think we can for sure dedicate our free time to help as much as possible on
> this, from small details to bigger tasks, whatever needs help to get done.
> We have a lot of ideas, that were never used because they were too
> different from the hildon concept, and that also are not related to the
> future of hildon, so they have more or less their own way focused on tasks
> and users using thumbs (or index) fingers 100% of the time, as well using
> as much as possible the freedom to rotate the screen and keep the
> experience while taking advantage of that orientation (scrolling long
> lists) and so on.
> It will be a pleasure to help, and please let me know of anything else you
> guys think we can help, based in our prior experience.

It would be very interesting to see QEdje widgets such as those used in Canola 
and during the QEdje presentation at Akademy to be easily used in Plasma. The 
standard qt style that's used on the desktop doesn't really work for a 
touchscreen device, those that I've seen and used in Canola work quite well.

In Plasma, we have a couple of widget classes (Plasma::Label, Plasma::Button, 
Plasma::Slider, ...) that are currently restyled versions of QWidgets, loaded 
as proxy widgets. We could also use these wrapper classes and present them 
with the same API to the applets. With some sort of switch (config?, compile-
time?) we'll have the applets use the qedje widgets instead (and with them 
their interaction models that are optimized for a certain set of input 

I've been working on a small applet for MID devices that presents sliders for 
brightness and volume, and I noticed that those QWidgets in their current form 
won't work really well on touchscreen devices -- no surprise, they're made 
specifically for mouse + keyboard use.

One could also thing of offering widgets styles through gethotnewstuff (an 
installer for addons), putting the .edj files in themes (and adding them to 
the plasmagik packaging tool).

> I am all eyes to any information you guys think would be relevant for me to
> know, and I will try to catch up with what you guys have in mind asap and
> contribute to it in the best way possible!

During the Akademy talk, it was said that QEdje would be fast enough for 
desktop use already. I've installed the applet, and it works well here :)

Two days earlier, the trolltech qgraphicsview guys have shown some nice 
performance improvements in QGV's clipping mechanics, maybe that'll help 
improving the performance further. 
Zack Rusin has been looking into hardware acceleration of Qt's drawing, his 
benchmarks are quite interesting:

> Cheers from Brazil,

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