Multiple Columns Kickoff

Luiz Felipe Talvik talvik at
Thu Jul 31 22:15:23 CEST 2008

(I've send this in the old list)

Hi again

I've been working on multiple columns support for kickoff.
This was freakin hard. That thing about fluid is complicated. :-)

There is no need to look or compile the patch, the code is functional
but unreadable(the next thing in my todo list).
Here are the screen shots of the behavior:

Aaron, you said I should base the minimum size of the column with
"Fits", but the items don't have a limited size. So I propose to base
the minimum size on a certain number of chars(independent of font size
a least a minimum number of chars would appear). I don't know how to
implement that(just reverse engineering until now), something about
Qstyle right?
When the name is to long I wanted it to look like this:
By the way, I couldn't find lancelot't code in svn, where is it?

-polish/comment code
-"applications" tab support multiple columns
-threshold not based on fixed pixel based value
-fix itemdelegate to respect boundaries
-create smooth item look when doesn't fit

What to improve? What doesn't look right? Wishes?

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