review of tabbar

Marco Martin notmart at
Wed Jul 30 22:48:40 CEST 2008

Hi all,
after the last changes i feel the tabbar widget is pretty much done, of course 
tons of bugs/misbehaviours that i didn't noticed but yeah :)

i'm asking if someone can review it to do the lastt fixes before moving in 
libplasma, would be appreciated eheh :)

on a logistic note: do i move it to kdereview or can ileave it in 
playground/widgets/tabbar ?

the thing i am most hesitant on it is the way to make the tabbar vertical: it 
has to be done from TabBar::setTabBarShape() otherwise the layout of the 
tabwidget gets broken
to me if it would be more simple and supporting only horizontal tabbars would 
be more than ok, but the fact that it's possible to set it vertical from 
nativewidget, uhm not good...
or, even removing the access to nativewidget? (but perhaps more things should 
be wrapped, also not good?)

Marco Martin

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