Review Request: Scrollbars for the comic applet

Matthias Fuchs mat69 at
Mon Dec 15 19:54:40 CET 2008

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Review request for Plasma.


This patch adds scrollbars if "Scale to content" [1] has been chosen while the comic applet was not assigned [2] enough space.

I think this is a bugfix as some comics [3] can not be shown at their original and thus most readable size as they are too large for many displays around. This gets worse for small displays.

All that would be fixed with the scrollbars, yet I'm not sure if I did implement them good enough.

[1] showing them at their original size
[2] manualy resizing by the user
[3] xkcd, Deo Ignito, Questionable Content, Girl Genius to name a few are sometimes or allways very large (height)

This addresses bug 171035.





Tested that with trunk. Worked fine here -- some glitches left like automatically adding/removing scrollbars if the applet is resized.



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