Help figuring out theming problem

Marco Martin notmart at
Sun Dec 14 19:20:30 CET 2008

On Sunday 14 December 2008, Jamboarder wrote:
> I've been working on updating Aya for the 4.2 release.  However, I've been
> running into a few problems that I'm having trouble figuring out.  Below
> are some screenshot links showing my problems (click on image to show full
> size).
what it does seem is that there are wrong rectangles stored in cache, but 
makes no sense since when the theme changes he config file closed, deleted and 
the memory cache is cleared :/
> shows an example
> of the correctly rendered version of Aya (default color scheme) for 4.2 . 
> I can only get this though if the Plasma::Theme cache is disabled
> (cacheTheme = false) and after a re-login.
> shows what
> currently happens when I switch from Oxygen to Aya.  The borders are either
> missing or messy. A re-login doesn't fix it if the Plasma::Theme cache is
> enabled (as it is by default) since the cache persists across sessions.
> For some reason this only occurs with some themes. For example Clean-Blend
> and Slim Glow seem to work fine, but Elegance and Heron shows the problem. 
> I've tried looking at the svgs for the themes that don't show the problem
> but I can't quite figure it out. Strangely, this updated version of Aya, as
> well as Elegance  and Heron, works fine in my Kubuntu KDE 4.1.3 session.
> One additional pic:
> show what
> happens after changing back to Oxygen from a correctly rendered Aya theme.
> If there's something I'm doing wrong with the theme svgs for 4.2, any ideas
> would be greatly appreciated.  The latest version of the theme is already
> checked in.
> much respect and thanks for any help,
> Andrew (Jamboarder) Lake
> P.S. Let me know if you're unable to see the pics.

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