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Mon Oct 22 18:53:36 CEST 2007


On Mon, Oct 22, 2007, Thierry Bastian wrote :
> I CCed phonon-backends at which is the mailing list for the phonon
> backends.
Maybe I should have checked the mailing lists that exist and subscribed
to it before asking...

> First let me thank you for the interest you're showing in Phonon. We surely
> all know VLC ;-).
Well, VLC media player is switching to Qt4 for its interface under
windows and linux (not Mac), so integration with phonon could be a good
idea. Moreover, VLC is ported on many OSes...

> To answer your question:
> 1. Yes the user will have the opportunity to choose the backend that's
> loaded. At least that's the plan. For now the backend name is hard-coded.
> But this is only temporary.
That is very important, because if on Windows, they can't use VLC, it is
a bit a shame (Windows world is the place where VLC is very present
because of the integrated codecs, which is irrelevant in an OS that can
manage dependencies... :D )

> 2. The licence of Phonon is LGPL, like the rest of the kdelibs.
Ok. I am not familliar at all with KDElibs... :)

> 3. For the "Qt part of Phonon", Matthias Kretz was the creator of Phonon but
> we're now collaborating. If you have questions, you can ask about them on
> the phonon-backends at list.

Our plan is to release 0.9.0 with Qt4 interface this year (2007) with
test releases in a few weeks, and then, if it is relevant, try to see
what is doable for a phonon backend, and the following release.

Best Regards,

Jean-Baptiste Kempf

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