[Parley-devel] training of conjugations

Juergen b4tasttd at auroville.org.in
Fri Sep 9 13:17:48 UTC 2011

Hi Markus,
I am not a developer but a computer savy user. I detect and report bugs 
and use bug tracking for this. I suggest new features.
Thank you for your offer but I have no capacities free right now and a 
patch doesn't do it for me. The bug reports are attached from 
I need an easy solution that comes with an update of the software.
The frustrating thing is that the developers are silent.
A simple email from them saying that they are busy would help :)

Thanks for your offer

Markus Feldmann wrote on 09/09/11 00:31:
> Hi,
> i am not an official Developer of Parley, but i agree that the 
> Developers seems to be busy at the moment. I made a patch for Parley 
> so maybe i can help you. I dont use the conjugation module, so i didnt 
> noticed your problems. Can you give me further instructions? Maybe we 
> can both work together. Do you know how to develop C++/Qt4?
> However my patch seems not to be applied until yet, so we can work out 
> a solution for you, but the patch would be inherited later.
> Regards Markus
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