[Parley-devel] parley crashes

Juergen :-) b4tasttd at auroville.org.in
Thu Sep 9 02:33:33 CEST 2010

Hi Everybody,

after having posted a couple of crashed in th bug tracker and having 
observed a bit I think I am closer now why Parley crashes.
I have observed that when Parley is in "modified" state (on the top of 
the window) and then I move words it crashes.
Say I enter 2 vocabularies and decide right away to change their 
location - crash. If I do the same but press ctrl+s - no crash.
I can avoid any crash during sorting of vocabularies just but ctrl+s 
after every action  but as soon as I leave data in the buffer and then 
move words - crash.

Be at peace and in harmony.

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