[Parley-devel] Test Images

Frederik Gladhorn gladhorn at kde.org
Mon Apr 26 18:47:20 CEST 2010

Hi all,
I hope this helps us get some feedback for our latest "Practice Redone" 
attempt. I couldn't get around to it earlier. The images are created using the 
awesome Suse Studio together with their Buildservice.

Please let me know if these work for you. I tried to be as broad as possible. 
The links will only be valid for a week and I cannot test them as I currently 
have close to no internet connection. Even creating them took some effort.

Disk Image (usb sticks): 

VMware Image:

Live CD:

the images are around 400-500 MB and feature a KDE snapshot from last week. 
(Live CD being 399 MB, the others 470 MB)

I'm not entirely sure the links can be accessed by everyone. If not, please 
let me know, then I'll have to put them somewhere else. (Beginning of next 

This is very much work in progress, but still, if you see obvious brokenness 
(there is lots of it), maybe write us.


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