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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Mon Mar 3 21:33:48 CET 2008

On Monday 03 March 2008, Michael Rudolph wrote:
> Instead of making kickoff be about applications, why not let tasks take
> center stage in the start-menu?

i'd recommend a separate plasmoid to experiment with these ideas, even if it 
shares much of the code/infrastructure with the two other kickoff based 
plasmoids. you'll have a lot more of a free hand this way and we can more 
easily compare/contrast approaches, while not forcing people down one path or 
the other.

> For starters we could put the recent documents tab up front. This is as
> good as it currently gets in terms of giving users access to their
> current tasks and projects. I'd also rename the tab to "current tasks".

even better imho would be to actually show the currently open documents, as 
those are the true "current" tasks?

recent documents really are recent tasks, not particularly current ones.

> We could start to give better descriptions in applications' .desktop-
> files. So instead of having "Word Processing" in kword's file, we would
> put "Write a letter" or "Write a resumé" in there and launch kword with
> the appropriate "--template" option. (and of course use descriptions
> instead of application names in kickoff).

that would be cool ... these would probably need to be kept separate from the 
standard applications/ so as not to "polute" that directory with N 
tasks-per-application since that's not particularly what applications/ is 
designed for?

> This is of course just a first step, a very easy one though. I also have
> ideas for further steps, that, although lacking intimate knowledge of

keep going .. =)

btw, this sounds a fair amount like the gimme bar. it would be cool to see 
such an approach in a plasmoid.

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