[Panel-devel] Drag'n'drop everything

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Sat Aug 13 19:00:27 CEST 2005

On Saturday 13 August 2005 04:48, Pierre D. wrote:
> Here is my humble suggestion for plasma :
> - it'd be nice to be able to drag and drop everything to the trash for
> instance : moving a file of course, but also a device to unmount it, a
> window to close it, an applet to remove it...

Trash needs to equate to "destroy". so closing a window or removing an applet 
both make sense.

throwing something in the trash to unmount it was one of the original MacOS UI 
mistakes. it doesn't make any semantic sense.

> - it'd also be nice to have a kind of box where we can store items (by
> drag'n'dropping of course) : dropping a window in that box would save its
> state, and when you take back the window (even after a reboot),the
> application would be restored in its previous state (problem : how to
> support non KDE applications ?). You could also drop files, applets...
> everything in that box, for instance to have every thing related to a
> project in the same interface.

yes, i've been working on the conceptual pieces necessary for this for a 
couple of months.

btw, are you a developer, artist, documentor ... someone who is joining the 
project? if you generally are here to offer random ideas for someone else to 
work on, it's probably better to use bugs.kde.org for that because the 
mailing list is a great place to lose ideas that nobody works on.

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