[Panel-devel] Drag'n'drop everything

Pierre D. pinaraf at robertlan.eu.org
Sat Aug 13 14:53:27 CEST 2005

Le Samedi 13 Août 2005 14:40, Vince Negri a écrit :
> Pierre D. wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > Here is my humble suggestion for plasma :
> > - it'd be nice to be able to drag and drop everything to the trash for
> > instance : moving a file of course, but also a device to unmount it, a
> > window to close it, an applet to remove it...
> Provided, of course, that dragging to the trash is never the *only* way
> to do something.
> An issue is that the "trash" icon has definite connotations: that means
> that if the user drags entity X over the trash, we shouldn't cast around
> too widely to think of something to do with it, and end up with
> unintuitive behaviour. imho, the Macintosh "disk to trash -> eject" is a
> case in point.
> Another issue is ambiguity. For example: suppose you have an icon
> representing a USB memory stick, and the user dnd's it onto the trash.
> Does this mean (a) to unmount the device, or (b) delete all the files on
> the stick? The new user to whom the concept of mount/unmount is an alien
> one is probably expecting (b), if he/she's expecting anything.
I never considered this...
You're right ! Forget that :)
But what you said about CDRW for instance is a good idea

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