[Owncloud] invalid character ":" - historical artefact?

Markus Goetz markus at woboq.com
Fri Sep 27 08:40:21 UTC 2013

Hi Stefan,

On 27.09.13 10:01, Stefan Vollmar wrote:
> one of our scientists tried to sync files with a colon in the filename. This failed with an "Invalid characters" comment in the sync log. I know that colons were a no-no in file paths on Mac operating systems before MacOS X as the colon was used as a path separator. However, as far as I know, this is history and the colon (much as a bunch of other "special" characters including "!", "&", "?" or, in particular " " which I would not use in my own work) traditionally makes life unnecessarily difficult when scripting on Unix - but it is technically possible to use on all modern file systems (though, again, probably not advisable). But maybe there is a technical reason to forbid colons in file names that I am not aware of?
I think the reasoning is that a file should be able to be synced on 
Linux, OS X and Windows. And Windows uses : for the drive letter, 
c:\owncloud\ .. So it is out.

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