[Owncloud] coding needed for OC feature "share gallery by link", it is paid!

JS js08 at gmx.net
Tue Sep 17 15:37:37 UTC 2013

Dear OC fans,

I am new to OwnCloud and I don't consider myself a technical expert. 
However, I love OC. Yet, I am missing one important feature. So far it 
is not possible to share the picture gallery with a link. You can share 
folders with a link but then recipients can't view the pictures in a 
gallery style. The OC picture gallery can be shared only to registered 
members but I don't want register everyone to whom I just want to show 
some pictures.

I think such a feature would help quite a lot to promote OC as a serious 
alternative to dropbox etc. Many other people are also interested in 
such a feature:


Therefore, I started a small crowdfunding on bountysource.com:

Currently, we have collected more than $200. If you have spare time and 
a good idea how to implement a gallery-sharing function via link go 
ahead and claim the bounty!


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